Just a Business Person with a Passion

Many people lately have been talking, particularly concerning arts-based small businesses, about some sort of catch, gimmick, hook, or what have you…What if there isn’t one.  What if you have no blue animals, you’ve never been homeless or addicted to anything but Diet Dr.Pepper, you thankfully have never had any sick children?  What if you are just an artist who loves to make things that are beautiful and sincerely hopes that others may want to purchase your products or pieces.  It has always been a dream to own my own store with a menagerie of curious things to buy, unique items, a small gallery for emerging artists, and nonsense and such that makes you feel special, quirky and a just a tad eccentric. I see stories about someone who has an illness or unfortunate circumstance that happens on some innate talent from needlepoint to making sculptures out of toilets seats and whoooosh, bammm, they have 7,000,002 Facebook fans in a matter of days.  Suddenly Etsy isn’t big enough and Oprah buys something from them….Oprah being a modern-day Midas, one can only imagine what happens to our entrepreneur next.  So…what about us seemingly healthy, law abiding dreamers?  Where does our “hype” come from?  I am fairly certain it’s a beautiful, potent and sometimes bitter brew of hard work, dumb luck and great colleagues.  I am fortunate to have someone in my corner that create hype from thin air and who believes the my dream deserves to be a reality.  Artists are notorious for being loners, the schitzotypal personalities that pretty much prefer their own company.  I am guilty of this but not Ryan.  He will make sure that a healthy, happy me is all we need to get to 7,000,003 Facebook fans ( no illnesses or felony convictions necessary). 


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