The American Dreamer

I remember watching the film “Pretty Woman” as a child of the 80’s.  There was a homeless man that wandered the streets of LA screaming, “Welcome to Hollywood!  What’s your dream?”  Dreamers are not isolated to Hollywood or New York City or Nashville, they are everywhere.  I am a dreamer.  Artists may, perhaps, be the biggest, wildest, most avid dreamers of them all.  There are things in this life that I want terribly and while I work toward my aspirations, sometimes the process is lost on me.  There are many roadblocks on the pathways to our dreams.  Some are so large, people never climb over.  Some are small and may set us back only a few months.  Some change the path entirely.  As Americans, we live in a land built on dreams and political and social revolution.  We may possibly shape the world more than any other nation.  I read stories of self-made millionaires and CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies who are sons and daughters of CEO’s of other Fortune 500 companies.  My parents aren’t wealthy and I certainly don’t have anyone handing me money.  On my wit alone, how do I accomplish all that I have dreamed of?  What is the fuel for my fire?  Perhaps, one day, I will look at my successes and see that all the hard work was worth it.  I can share my secrets with folks just like me, right now, staring at a roadblock.