The Path Less Travelled…NO..the Path I Want to Travel

All our lives, we have been conditioned to attempt, with all our might, to fit our existence into these pre-molded boxes.  We walk the paths of our fathers, our mentors,…….blah…blah….blah… F*%k that (pardon the pseudo-profanity) but I would much rather make my own path.  “You have to crawl before you can walk,” my grandfather would always say.  Not horses.  A newborn foal may stumble a bit but then takes right off.  Why not us humans.  Trailblaze, full speed ahead.  I truly believe that the REAL pioneers in industry, art, science, etc… didn’t wait around on someone else to give them a chance.  I think they made their own chances.  No more boxes, no more applications, no more personality screenings; I am in charge of me and I am in charge of the art and product I create.  Leave the rat race and the competition to the weak, I am piloting my own ship, on my own course, on my own terms.