A Place for Painters

I consider myself a contemporary artist.  I am an amalgam of styles from past and present.  I use themes from history and iconic images that can be found in any history book from Marie Antoinette to Julius Caesar but I do pride myself on adding whimsy and a dash of the unexpected in my works.  I’ve moved my operation to the big city and have begun to expand my search for galleries, shows and the like only to notice a trend.  I only have one question….where are the painters?  Everything I see in contemporary or modern galleries is sculpture, digital art, photography, mixed media and either non-objective or highly abstracted paintings.  I don’t see many artists represented that actually paint…something.  While there are plenty that whirl colors on canvas or pop balloons filled with paint at random, there seems to be less and less art that reflects landscapes, portraits, still life, etc….paintings of some thing.  I am wondering if the places for painters are lessening.  I certainly hope not.  There is great beauty in a well-executed still life or architectural painting.  While is it imperative that art continue to evolve and new media be explored, I hope the works and styles of the masters are not forgotten or phased-out.  I will continue my sojourn to find the galleries that embrace the painters of somethings and to find the patrons who will love my quirky, oddly-colored portraits of authors, emperors and rabbits with pocket watches.Image