The Transcendental Occidental Monumental…whatever…


Lately, I have been reading artist statements from fellowship recipients, residency recipients, prize winners, etc… I see this theme, a common thread amongst them and I start to think…no wonder folks don’t want to talk to us.  I keep seeing this language, this verbage used, a plethora of “catch words” that grasp at some pretentious end result.  “Transcendental, metamorphosis, blah, blah, blah…”  Is that what juries and academicians want to hear?  I would be exhausted of these art and academic buzz words.  How can an artist statement stand out in a see of multi-syllable words?  I vow that my artist statement will not look like an eye chart!  I am a believer that the art, in whatever medium, should speak for itself.  If my paintings can command your attention, then my mission is satisfied, regardless of what mumbo jumbo my artist statement spouts off.  I’m speculating that the jury needs to know why I painted the man pink and what drives me to, basically, do what I do.  I don’t have a sob story.  My parents fed me pretty well, my clothes were clean, my dad coached my t-ball team, gave me the Heimlich when I was choking on a butterscotch, and I had perfect attendance in both the 3rd and 4th grades.  I never slept in a subway station and don’t have a debilitating illness.  I was a cheerleader (please don’t tell anyone!).  I don’t know what I have transcended, hurdled, morphed into…..I just know that there is no place for me except in front of an easel.  When I paint, my soul is full and when I am finished, I can smile at the end result knowing that my brain and my brush created it ( or I can make a mad dash for the jug of gesso to erase it from history before Ryan sees).  I did not go to graduate school because I am tired of owing people money to tell me things I already know (or could see on youtube) and I have worked as many other things for paint money BUT above all else, I AM AN ARTIST.  Enough said.

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