Across the Pond

I told myself when I started art school that I would have a goal.  What seems like a hundred years ago, I told myself that I would attend graduate school in London.  It loomed on the horizon and seemed to recede into the dark with each step I took toward graduation.  There were days and even months where it was forgotten amidst the struggle to keep the bills paid, where Ryan and I would tread water, giving it everything we had to keep our heads above the surface.  I stole whatever knowledge I could from other artists I met.  I worked on myself, my art, my attitude.  I worked two jobs, 7 days a week.  I had ankle surgery.  I graduated.  I started my own business and completed several public art installations.  All the while, she waited patiently, my goal, my muse, my London.  Someone very close to me told me once that the first time she saw me ,only a few minutes in this world, she knew I was destined to lead an extraordinary life.  Extraordinary lives require extraordinary leaps.  There have been times when baby steps were all I could muster but now, I believe, is a fantastic time for a great, big LEAP!  I know I have written before that one of my greatest fears in regret.  I believe that regret is bred out of fear and the inability and unwillingness to live the life that you know you deserve.  That being said, I accepted a position in the Master of Fine Arts program at a university in London.  Five years after I decided to stop fighting what and who I am, my goal steps out from the darkness saying, “Hey, you better jump on getting that VISA, they don’t overnight those things.”



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