I once was a painter…

FridaI have been painting for a long, long time and completed my Master of Arts in Studio Art back in 2015 from Middlesex University in London, United Kingdom.  I enjoy painting.  It is labor-intensive and I often-times, am overly-critical of myself.  BUT, I always feel a great sense of accomplishment when I sign and varnish that canvas.  Having a busy schedule, a sort of grown-up job and a two year old can make it difficult to dive deeply into a work like a used to in my younger, freer days.  I’ve completed tons of door paintings, some pretty amazing keys and a few portraits.  Lately I have turned my attention to illustration.  I, as one university professor put it, am a mark-maker.  I enjoy the manipulation of the pen on paper.  Even in my paintings, I love the visible brush strokes and textural qualities of unblended paint.  Perhaps that is why I love acrylic so much; it doesn’t give you the freedom or the room to keep working at mixing and smoothing the colors into one another.  You have to be quick and definitive, neither being a particularly strong personal attribute.

I haven’t put much stock in galleries, sort of exhausted the local festival circuit and focused on mainly commissioned works, throwing in a large mural or two here and there.  But the illustrations, they are almost daily.  I look forward to sharing them and making sure that I don’t neglect to post them here and most importantly… on my Etsy Shoppe

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