Gouache, where have you been all my life?

I have recently moved from mostly acrylic paintings to illustrations. I have one question- gouache, where have you been all my life?  I LOVE you!  You are bright, quick-drying and very textural.  It makes the perfect backdrop for more detailed layers of pen and ink drawings.  It is always fantastic to try new mediums and discover that you actually like change.  I have reopened my Etsy store with tons of printables using my illustrations and continue to add more every week.  I love stationery.  I still write notes and send cards.  This is an exciting new chapter in my artistic career and I look forward to seeing where it might lead me.  There are a few projects coming up:  I am working on illustrations for my first novel in the Flying Furniture Adventure Series, The Adventures of the Flying Furniture: The Return of the Great Flyer which currently has a Kickstarter Campaign going through October 24th.  We, of course, have our Etsy Shoppe up and running with tons of customizable stationery and invitations.  Not a bad gig…


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