Sometimes, a reboot is good…

Beetle Bird Studios_etsy shop banner

Sometimes, a reboot is good. I had pretty much exhausted myself with a new baby and tons of arts festivals.  They don’t do a lot of festivals when it’s cold.  It’s always like the third level of hell outside.  You get lots of interesting-ness at festivals; the good, the bad and the “I’m gonna sneak a picture of this cause I think my sister’s neighbor’s friend’s son’s girlfriend can just do it for me for free.” I think there are people that are built for the festival circuit.  I don’t think that I am one of those people.

I started the gouache illustrations a few months ago and combined with my intense love of invitations and paper goods, I revamped our Etsy shop and added tons of illustrated invites and announcements.  They are fun and bright.  I truly enjoy typography and drawing; this is a marriage of both.  I try to post illustrations on social media as I go and get them formatted and on Etsy as quickly as I can.  I am excited and hope my new venture takes off.


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