Dia de los Muertos and me…

I LOVE Halloween.  Not the gory, severed body parts and zombie Halloween but the whimsical witches, Jack O’Lanterns and candy corn Halloween.  And as the chaser, Dia de los Muertos is equally as spectacular.  I am not Catholic, I am not from Mexico but I do enjoy the meaning behind the Day of the Dead celebrations.  I enjoy incorporating its symbols in my artwork.  Everyone has lost a loved one; family or friends.  The thought of them being able to cross over from the land of the dead, on paths lit by bright orange and yellow marigolds, guided by the spirits in the form of Monarch butterflies is absolutely fantastic. I lost my grandmother this past summer.  Much like the matriarch in Latin families, my grandmother was the supreme ruler (occasionally like the White Queen in Alice in Wonderland, other times…Darth Vader- hence my father’s ring tone).  She was the glue that held all the pieces of our scattered family together.  I am amazed at the possibility of she and my grandfather spending time with us, in the realm of the living, even if it is only for one night.  We often wallow in the darkness left behind by death instead of celebrating the life that preceded it.  Though our mortal bodies are gone, our spirit continues to live in the hearts of our children and legacies we leave behind.  I hope that my artwork and the Flying Furniture novels will be that for me.  Enjoy Dia de los Muertos!  Enjoy the memories of your loved one past.  Enjoy the people in your present and after I go, should you choose to add me to your ofrenda, I like cheese puffs, diet root beer and corn dogs with regular mustard…

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